Our Team

Meet The Team

Dr. Xiaoting Zhang

President and Founder
Professor and Thomas Boat Endowed Chair
Director, Breast Cancer Research Program

20+ years of research expertise in breast cancer metastasis and therapy resistance
Editor: Estrogen Receptor and Breast Cancer, Springer Nature (1st ed, 2019) 
Founding Council Member: International Society of RNA Nanotechnology and Nanomedicine

Joe Buse

Entrepreneur In Residence, UC Innovation Venture Lab

Experienced Life Science, Marketing Services, and a Health IT Executive

Elyse Lower, MD

Medical Advisor

Emeritus Professor and Director, UC Breast Cancer Center of Excellence

Marc Lemaitre, PhD

Strategy Advisor
Oligonucleotide Therapeutics CMC

Former CEO of Girindus

Core Values


We are committed to providing better and safer treatments for cancer patients. 


We strongly believe in and enact creating innovative solutions.


We will treat everyone respectfully and communicate in a thoughtful, intelligent, and honest manner. 


We will work collaboratively to make a lasting impact to change the future of cancer patient care. 

UC Venture Lab

Learn more about the UC Venture Lab and its impact on RNA Nanotherapeutics at the UC 1819 Innovation Hub.

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